The mission of our Department of Agriculture is the constant improvement in the efficient use of natural resources. We give a vital importance to the responsible use of water and land management. In this sense we seek to use new technologies to make a better use of natural resources such as sunlight, rain, water and electric power, allowing a sustainable development for the future generations. All of our vineyards have a drip irrigation system, allowing delivery of the amount of water that the plant needs, without any excess, acting efficiently and being responsible in the use of the resource. Water comes from wells and is extracted through pumps to the surface and stored in large reservoirs, allowing the development of biodiversity that can interact with the rest of the environment.

Our vines have been implanted with a specific orientation for the best use of sunlight. They have different driving systems that allow the proper maturation of the berry.

Our human resources are of paramount importance to achieve the quality and consistency of our products. Just as on the vineyards, the winery has trained staff and the latest equipment for winemaking.



We handle the growing vines to optimize the production of top quality grapes, in order also to preserve the environment and improve economic competitiveness. Our grapes are high quality because we work to ensure the best conditions of our vineyards.


Sustainable Agriculture

VALCOSTA Estate aims to achieve the harmony and synergy between optimizing the use of natural resources, the production processes and the welfare of people working in this industry. From the company we encourage the economic and social development of the region, providing jobs to local people and helping with institutions in the local area (schools, health centers, etc.).